Because we are carrying on a 20-year legacy of commitment in France alongside entrepreneurs. Because solid cooperation is the key to harmonious growth. Because we strongly believe there can be no performance without sustainability. Because of these things, we created idiCo: a committed, collaborative and sustainable company.

Our investment philosophy

Continuity of performance and commitment.

With the creation of idiCo, we are carrying on a 20-year legacy of commitment alongside entrepreneurs with a strong presence in France. A new chapter is beginning and our ambition remains unchanged: to support French SMEs and mid-caps in their plans for growth by acquiring minority and majority shareholdings or through bond financing while delivering sustainable returns to our investors.

Collaboration is at the core of the investment strategy.

At idiCo, investment and collaboration go hand in hand.

We work closely with the entrepreneurs we support. By discussing ideas with business owners, sharing opinions, challenging their vision, and maintaining a constant dialogue, we set the stage for the sustainable development of the companies we create.

Our collaborative approach is fully in line with the philosophy of the IDI Group, whose experience as a pioneer in the French private equity industry is a tremendous asset in supporting idiCo’s growth.


A key conviction: no performance without sustainability.

At idiCo, we firmly believe that value creation is no longer measured by financial criteria alone. We make it our mission to combine financial performance with sustainability, bearing in mind that today’s investments will contribute to the world of future generations.



Our ESG approach

 ESG is at the heart of our investment process

idiCo’s teams pursue a strategy of sustainable value creation by supporting portfolio companies throughout the investment cycle. We take a selective approach to our investments, systematically excluding any sectors that are harmful to the environment and to communities. As such, we never invest in fossil fuel extraction or power generation, which are major sources of greenhouse gases (our exclusion list can be found in our “Responsible Investment Policy”).

At the time of investment and during the holding period, we measure and monitor the non-financial performance of our investments through an annual ESG questionnaire. This survey is then used as a basis for discussions with managers so that we can establish areas for improvement and enhance our impact on society. To demonstrate and formalise this commitment, we are a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), the International Climate Initiative and France Invest’s Gender Diversity Charter.

For more information, see the “Responsible Investment Policy” below

Relance label

The “Relance” (recovery) label enables savers and professional investors to identify collective investment undertakings (CIUs) that meet the financing needs of French companies, whether listed or unlisted, thereby encouraging the mobilisation of savings in favour of the recovery.

SFDR – Funds

The SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation) is a European regulation that aims to standardise the disclosure of sustainability information in the financial services sector. The SFDR documents for each fund can be found below